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Invest in the future and join us at 8ernity for exciting opportunities in the FinTech and Blockchain space through our partner. Our investment service, powered by our partner, provides two unique products for you to choose from FinTech/Blockchain Equity and Early-Stage Token.

FinTech/Blockchain Equity: Invest in the future of financial technology and blockchain with our FinTech/Blockchain Equity product. We give you the chance to get in on the ground floor and into the emerging markets, investing in seed and private rounds of Fintech/Blockchain projects and DLT platforms located in the MENA region and Africa, as well as Web3 infrastructure.

Early-Stage Token: Take advantage of the potential rewards of investing in cryptocurrency tokens with our Early-Stage Token product. Our focus is on making it easy for you to access high-quality blockchain technologies before they go public, with a specific emphasis on the MENA region and Africa.

In addition to our investment opportunities, we offer a comprehensive funding service through our trusted partner. Our dedication to a straightforward and efficient investment and due diligence process ensures that you receive the best possible service and makes us a top choice for your funding requirements.

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